I had the good fortunate of someone referring me to My Next Career Path Staffing. At the time, I also was in the process of signing up with two other employment agencies, both will remain unnamed for proper professional etiquette. But I will tell you that the other two agency experiences were not positive. The first agency would not even return any of my phone calls or email requests to meet with a live person to discuss my employment needs/desires, etc. The second agency did meet with me in person. The onboarding process of applying with the second agency was very professional from arrival in the waiting room to meeting with an employment advisor. From that point forward, the experience was a big disappointment. I was not embraced or welcomed with the skill level and expertise I hold. Then, I had the pleasure of getting referred to My Next Career Path and after the above 2 negative experiences, actually having a employment agency who WANTED to actually meet me in person to: 1) give me the opportunity to make a first impression, and; 2) interview me to determine my education, skills and experience level so they could best place me. Not only did they interview me to do this, their interview technique was so ingratiating, I felt like I was talking to a long lost friend, all the while, still on a professional level. Their style of gathering the necessary information was so refreshing and genuine. Once the interview process was complete, they jumped through hoops to try to place me in a position they felt matched my skill level, experience and desires of what type of place I would like to work at. If there were 10 stars, I would give them to them because this kind of personal touch, especially in a place like Las Vegas, is UNHEARD of. Both Renee and Cynthia are AWESOME professionals with an incredible work ethic, striving to help people. Unlike other agencies, they don’t forget your name either. They remember everyone by first name. If you’re looking for employment in Las Vegas, I would highly recommend getting in touch with them. Don’t even waste your time on the other agencies. You will be highly disappointed. My Next Career Path will find you your next Career. Just pick up the phone and call them. Until then, Good luck with your job search and WELCOME TO BEAUITFUL LAS VEGAS!