Why Temporary Employees Can Make Great Full-Time Hires

When reviewing resumes, chances are you look for a stable work history. However, as you evaluate the job records further, could you be making a mistake and eliminating some terrific candidates based on misconceptions?

Let’s face it, employers are hesitant to hire a job-hopper — someone who may accept a full-time job, get all they want from that job and then quickly move on to something “better.” So managers look for administrative candidates who’ve been with a previous employer for a while. That approach could be a big mistake. When you’re evaluating work histories on resumes, make sure you’re not discounting those who’ve been temporary employees.

Temporary employees may have worked for short periods at several companies. But that doesn’t equate to being a job-hopper. The truth is that the backgrounds of those who’ve held temporary jobs can be just as strong — sometimes more so — than people who’ve worked only full-time positions.

Your competitors may already recognizing this fact. In an OfficeTeam survey of senior managers, more than half (51 percent) said when it comes to evaluating someone’s work background, a long period of consistent temporary assignments is comparable to full-time employment.

So if you’re hiring for full-time administrative or office support jobs, don’t discount professionals with a solid history of temporary work because of preconceived notions about what that means about their skills or qualifications. You could be overlooking your team’s next superstar.

In fact, many of the savviest employers have implemented a temp-to-hire staffing strategy whereby they can evaluate an administrative professional’s on-the-job performance in a temporary role before extending a full-time offer. It’s a smart and effective way of making sure the worker is likely to succeed in the position before committing to a long-term arrangement with him or her.

Here are a few of the assets temporary employees bring to the table when moving from interim to full-time administrative or office support jobs: